La Befana the “Christmas Witch” of Behavior Modification

An educational literary delight written by my badass child advocate friend Nina Tobin.

It’s nearly Elf on the Shelf season! Soon, the content of our newsfeeds will shift from pie, horrifying news, and gratitude posts, to the myriad, awesome ways that a wild-eyed doll can abuse substances or fornicate while your children sleep.


The Broken Cookie Phenomenon

​ The broken cookie phenomenon is all too real and it is hard when you only look at the present behavior to something that seems ridiculously small. It isn’t that. Its never that if they can react to similar limits or triggers at other times. Life experience with emotions and cognitive thought has been so short… Continue reading The Broken Cookie Phenomenon

Parenting and Politics: Validity of Effect

Have you ever heard a child repeat something you’ve said and thought, ‘Ooh, that doesn’t sound good. I should probably work on that’, because if we would negatively judge a child for saying something, we should probably question the validity of effect from an adult saying the exact same thing. *Same principle should apply now… Continue reading Parenting and Politics: Validity of Effect

Damn Ducks

My hardest parenting moments are when I feel like I’m failing to live up to my expectations as a person in general. Like if I’m stressed about a high priority duck of responsibility not standing perfectly in line, I am more apt to react to less important ducks and overfocus on that. And unfortunately, those… Continue reading Damn Ducks